¿Qué es la III reunión de movilidad sostenible?

The European Union has in the past and plans for the coming years an important part of financial resources that result in sustainable and balanced development of the regions that compose it.

The particular focus of the conference held in Torrevieja is to provide a forum that allows meeting participants to exchange knowledge, practical experiences , disseminate success stories and encourage their productive interaction , even translated in achieving agreements on joint implementation of projects pursuing getting European funding , and by means of structural funds and through the funds and programs of direct management of Brussels.

It is known that the operating program of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF ) for 2014-2015 , precedence finance projects proposed by cities when those are part of comprehensive and sustainable urban development strategies , to others that occur as isolated actions , regardless of their justification and quality.

Comprehensive strategies for sustainable urban development should contemplate or include specific action plans or strategies to ensure sustainable mobility and universal accessibility, core values in the planning and management of cities , it does not seem possible to achieve inclusive growth if obstacles are added to the mobility of persons with disabilities of either nature.


All the Urban – not just the local public – will have to be designed for that disabilities do not become a frustrating factor for unsurpassed marginalization.

Careful selection of papers that present case studies on the work table » INTELLIGENT INTEGRATED STRATEGY FOR URBAN DEVELOPMENT , SUSTAINABLE AND INCLUSIVE CITIES » and collaborative work between cities, governments, organizations, companies and civil society will reveal models extrapolated to all Spanish cities and local authorities .

With the trio linking projects and actions related to road safety, sustainable urban mobility and universal access , comprehensive strategies for sustainable urban development and obtaining financing from European funds and programs , is to design and offer everyone a vento highly innovative , with maximum input from all participants , whether cities, businesses , nonprofit organizations , academic institutions , professionals and citizens interested in the subject .

The integration of innovative and value -generating , knowledge , techniques and technologies applied to the search for solutions to problems of the urban environment and the provision of public services , is the paradigm that has been called Smart City.

The Third Meeting of Cities for Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility not a special forum dedicated to the paradigm or model Smart City, but the same applies across the board in all four work tables dedicated to knowledge and discussion of concrete proposals on specific objectives of Congress.

As already noted, the conference will take place on 25 and 26 September 2014 in Torrevieja. The adjacent weekend (27-28) allow those who wish to extend their stay in the city to continue contacts with other participants in order to establish productive partnerships that aims to promote the event.


When you book your tickets through www.iberia.com/MOVILIDAD/es/ transfer or www.renfe.es, get a discount on the official rates of 15% and 30% respectively. For Renfe you must enter the coupon code 301410252.Para Iberia, directly to the address shown or click on the company logo on the home page of the portal of the III.


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