Attention !! Notes for registration in the congress and complementary activities:

  • To participate in the III Meeting of Cities for Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility, first check the box for «Do as Congressman» and make appropriate at this time without any of the other boxes available-clicking on the button «NEXT «and right below the screen.
  • Once the process is complete you will get mailed a QR code and Congressman Locator that you can print and keep for the days of the congress to prove their status.
  • You can also print directly Locator from the last screen of the registration process.
  • To register as a Companion will be asked Congressman Locator it accompanies.
  • To register for any additional activity -Concert, dinner, excursions etc. asked to provide locator Congressman / Companion to be previously obtained.
  • You may make an enrollment process for one or more additional activities each time. For each process will be completed provided a Locator that information might be required for access to the activity.

Attention to discounts on RENFE and IBERIA !!

When you book your tickets through transfer or, you get a discount on the official rates of 15% and 30% respectively. For Renfe you must enter the coupon code 301410252.Para Iberia, direct access to the address shown or click on the company logo on the homepage of the website of the III.

There are no registration available.

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